An Interactive Guide for Twitter (for Small Businesses)

This fabulous flowchart is a step-by-step guide that will help any small business make the most out of Twitter. Be sure and click on the interactive links in each box for more information.

Hopefully, my followers will find this a useful guide for their small businesses.

Click on the picture to go to the interactive flowchart. Enjoy!


How to maintain a good online reputation.

Social Media and Technical Communication


Check out this great article on social media and technical communication–the wave of the future. 

How Social Media Changes Technical Communication

So, how has social media changed your technical writing?

Social media amplifies everything. If a company makes a mistake (remember the BP oil spill in 2010?), the social media buzz can be devastating to its image. Conversely, if a company does something great or develops an interesting new product (remember when the IPad made its debut?), the social media buzz can be invaluable. For a technical communicator, social media is one of its biggest challenges. Technical communicators have lost their absurdity and anonymity; their work is no longer seen by only a few users–through social media, the world has become the editor for all technical writers.