How to Edit Your Own Writing

How to Edit Your Own Writing“Considering my own experience as both a writer and an editor, I agree that it can be incredibly challenging to fill these roles simultaneously. Moreover, it’s something that I definitely don’t recommend doing. If you are going to self-publish, I highly recommend enlisting the help of a third party to both edit and then proofread your work (and again, these two roles should not necessarily be held by the same person). Having an extra set of eyes on your work is more or less a rule to live by, regardless of if you are a would-be author, a business pro, or even an academic submitting a thesis. Simply put, you are too close to your work to do it all.”

AGREED. I miss more errors in my writing than I ever do as a copy editor. Truthfully, I often publish on social media platforms with barely a glance for errors. The Web and desktop publishing created a phenomenon where most writers are their own editors and publishers. How easy it is to push “enter” without reading with an editor’s eye.

 Question of the Day: Do you find it harder to proofread and edit your own work or someone else’s work?


2 thoughts on “How to Edit Your Own Writing

  1. Yes. When editing my own writing and in particular for more lengthy articles or papers, I prefer to revisit a final draft a day or two after it’s written. This helps in refining logical orderings of paragraphs and sentences, correcting grammar and punctuation, and proofreading for omissions of words and spelling errors.

    1. That’s a good idea. For me, after reading through my own writing four or more times, I miss some of the most obvious errors. If possible, I try to get someone else to make an edit-pass through my work before proofreading.

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